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Sup, biatch, this is XaKutioneR and this is my Animated GIF Collection; the best source for wrestling GIF's on the net. Sure, there are a few others I didn't put up, but this page is only for the absolute BEST in wrestling action. Most sites make these really impressive-looking wrestling fan pages but fail to include what wrestling really means. Not still pictures, not theme music, not titan trons, not wallpaper, not funny quotes, not trivia,  and not open forums is what wrestling is all about. I'm not saying that having all these on a page is a bad thing. Infact, I frequently check in to other fan pages just to read the news and rumors and sometimes download a theme or two, but I have always felt the actual WRESTLING has been somewhat lacking on a lot of great fan sites. Here you will find some of the best moments in WWF/WCW/ECW history. This is REAL action, and that's what counts in the world of sports entertainment.

And I'm sure you're sitting there thinking that exclusively having Animated GIF's on my page means this is just an excuse for my lack of talent or ignorence of sports entertainment. The truth is, I can make a site just like any other WWF fan page out there. So why don't I? The truth is I just dont have the time to make funky HTML wonders, upload things like Entrance Music, and update news and rumors every other day. Frankly, I feel there are too many sites out there that feature these same things and they are practically the same no matter what site you go to. Another reason this site is kinda simple is because these GIF's take a while to load and I didn't want 50 million loading all at once slowing down your browser. The key is that you see these GIF's as quickly as possible so you can decide quickly if you wish to take them or not. And the last thing I am is ignorent on the world of sports entertainment. I LOVE wrestling and never miss a pay-per-veiw, "Raw", or "Smackdown!". Wrestling is no doubt the best source of entertainment on the planet, and here at XKR's HaRdCoRe GIF's, we keep it REAL!

Please EMAIL me if you make/find any NEW wrestling GIF's.

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